Are you Successful? Probably Not

Ok.  So in my best guess you likely came to this post feeling some type of way.   That way may be in agreement,  extreme side eyement or all up in your feelingsment. (yea…yea…or some other -ment…probably curiosityment — don’t judge my made up wordness.  Thank – MGT) Either way you giving me the best “YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE FACE AND EYEROLL THAT YOU CAN MUSTER” dont-know-me LOOK…I’m used to that ish by now but hear me out. The term successful is a good word.  It’s a word that people throw around but it means different things to different folks.  One person’s idea of success is failure for another.  Another person’s idea of success if super super duper success for another.  Either way you see it, the word success seems so…FINAL.  It seems like you’re done.  It’s like the last song. Are you done? 9e67e35aa2a5c142c5ff332f5c67c4c9 What are your goals?  Where do you want to be?  What do you want to have?  What’s your next big thing?  What’s your next step?  Do you have the support you need?  Are you grinding constantly?  And is that grind for YOURSELF or someone else? yeah-i-m-listening-o There’s always more to attain more to gain and ROOM TO GROW.  You’re not successful because you’re always shooting for the stars and aiming for the next goal.  OR you’re not successful because your picture may be next to the definition of success in the dictionary and you’re sitting there posing cheesing like everything is ok BUT your ass is not happy or fulfilled. Those degrees won’t keep you warm at night. And neither will working your hardest for a dollar while making someone else a billion as they sit on yachts, jets, and saunter home whenever they please. Even if you’re in the rat race (most of us are) what are you doing outside of that to be the best you possible? tumblr_n91qk5QHtR1qd8zg3o1_500 Don’t over work yourself for something that’s not your passion.  DON’T. DO. IT.  Let me tell you that if you fall the hell over tomorrow, a sympathy card may be signed for you or flowers sent but BUSINESS WILL GO ON. So make sure your concern is YOU.  MAKE SURE you aren’t complacent.  Make sure you’re always striving for happiness. Make sure you don’t let someone else’s idea of happiness, success, and life mold the way you live your life and strive to be the best you possible. Take care of yourself.  Take a day off to just do nothing, get a massage, go on a trip, do something.  Turn off your phone…be alone.  Don’t even let your personal grind take you away from you. IMG_2950 Look…you’re NOT successful.  NONE OF US ARE.  We’re always working.  We all have ups and downs.  Will we get there one day.  I’m sure…maybe not.  But no one can say we didn’t try. hallelujah Make sure you look back on your life with no regrets.  No should have would have could haves.  Don’t spend 40 years of your life in the rat race to spend the last few just getting by.  See some world, do some things, create the world.  DO YOU!! Leave a footprint on the world that’s uniquely YOU.  Then…JOB WELL DONE!

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