Adventures in Ridiculosity: #RHOA S8 E3 “Party In A Sweatbox”

Let’s get right into it. Phaedra is REALLY on a new level with Shade.  Phaedra and Porsha are going to get colonics. They are in the office shaking off nerves by shaking their booties.  They are filming while Porsha is getting this done but not while Phaedra did it.  Porsha know she had to do something strange for that “i got my peach back” change.


Of course…while we’re talkin about shitty stuff…let’s bring up this “sip and see” party.  She heard about the porn and transgender stuff being gossiped about at the party.  Girl…chickens DO come home.

tumblr_mfutveDYj01rfpzh6o9_400.gifNow we’re with Kandi and Todd.  Kandi still sounds like she doesn’t understand the betrayal that folks feel when you are holding the stuff of their ex.  Kandi was in a WHOLE girl’s group that broke up over petty stuff and I’m starting to think she was the petty RANG LEADER!! Kandi and Todd are more than annoying!

  2i1ms6b.gifAnd just on time for FINE…Leon comes to Cynthia’s house to interview a tutor for Noel.  She’s not attracted to her husband but I’m sure she thinks baby daddy is FIONE!!  She’s not blind after all. Cynthia talking about she didn’t expect the tutor to be a pretty young thang.  She’s needy huh.  Leon is like “girl…you a lil hot there aren’t you guh” lmao Leon is peeping Cynthia and her sheer desperation.  When Cynthia mentions the tutor may be a distraction he chimes in with”a distraction for who”. So now Leon is like girl you my baby mama everybody that gossips about you brings it to me.  Someone sent me that video. Leon is preaching what I’ve been saying.  She walks away for more relationships than she stays in.  He tells her to keep her life together and try to fight for it.  IF not, you can’t say you didn’t try.

So…there’s a celebrity track meet. Porsha is there with her sister.  She’s repping dish nation.  Kandi shows up as well.  She’s not running obviously…Porsha swears she’s an athlete and is trying to get it. So Kandi is shading her like she needs to be better at running and working out.  I mean with all the working out she’s had to do to grow that donk right. giphy.gif Now it’s time to insert the forced talk as Porsha’s sister goes to sit in the hot car.  Porsha of course brings up Duke.  She’s talking about how hard it is and she compares it to when Kandi was dealing with Todd.

  Finally messy Kenya is meeting up with Passionate…an event planner and Marlo.  So Kenya has a hair care line that she wants to have an event for.  She chose her event planner because she hooked up Cynthia’s event.  You know…I’m starting to understand why Kenya doesn’t like Sheree. tumblr_inline_mffzb2jJm31ruzo1y.gif Kenya then asked Marlo what happened at Cynthia’s event and why did things get so crazy.  Marlo is like BISH…YOU HAPPENED.  Y’all ain’t got NO BEHAVIOUR. So Kenya…Ms. just about GOT EVICTED on national tv…continues to talk about Sheree like she isn’t one episode away from disaster.  You too Kenya…you too can be Sheree Whitfield!  

  Cynthia is trying to call her husband and his side chick is sending her to voicemail. Oprah-welp.gif  

  Hey Kim.  She is planning to go to Kenya’s event because her husband is like “you a loner with no friends girl”.  I like the vibe she and her husband have.  But you know they are too boring so far.  I like it but that ain’t what rhoa likes. tumblr_lolsvuuCKg1qzbggso1_500.gif

  Now it’s time for Kenya’s event.  Again…Kenya’s confidence is on 100,000,000! Porsha is there to support Kenya’s dreams that “she’s imagining”. Porsha’s friend is like “this is water in a bottle boo” She drank from the hair care bottle! Kandi arrives and she may have actually have gotten clothes to fit her belly.  She has to dip out right after Kim Fields arrives tho because it’s too hot and ain’t no water. The rest of the girls arrive as well as Marlo.  Moments later Sheree arrives fanning herself because it’s HOT IN DERE! tumblr_nx1cz7ukW41qgm5xfo1_250.gif The whole room is fanning themselves and the lady of the hour arrives with her boo…Eugene.  Was he hired?  She likely went to a legit agency this time. Kenya left out of the party quickly.  AS SOON AS  she appeared she disappeared.  Girl you better suffer with your guest.  They really don’t even want to be there.  At least her bae is telling her she gotta go back in.  He has a lil sense.  I wonder does that cost extra. Even Claudia arrives.  They have a ton of coins since Nene left. Sheree is SLAYING the bob and confessional look…and throwing comparison shade. Kenya pulls Sheree aside and thanks her for coming.  Kenya is delusional about her shade.  They mend things…temporarily I’m sure.

  When Cynthia gets home Peter is home too.  She hasn’t talked to him in WEEEEEEKS. They are discussing their disconnect and whether they should be in the relationship.  I think it’s a blame game.cyn_1397492409.jpg Peter thinks Cyn is blaming him and they both are tripping.  She told him that she doesn’t love him anymore.  He says he never stopped loving her.  I think Cynthia is sort of an ice queen. He done bust down crying.  They really doing this on TV HUH…ugh.  I’m over them.  I had 3 seconds of sympathy tho. Peter looking at her like TIL DEATH DO US PART CYNTHIA tumblr_mqjxgpSBd81rso5hoo1_250.gif   What did yall think of this week’s episode.  I was slightly bored but you know…life twirls on. -<3 Whit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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    Hilarious recap Whit! I missed half of this episode, but you surely filled me in! #ohtheshade #SBBSCrew

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      Yay! Glad you liked it Jonna. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    This episode was a mess LOL. I don’t know why I continue to let this foolishness suck me in. Great recap!

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