Adventures in Ridiculosity: #RHOA S8 E2 “Duking It OUT”

So we pick back up at the party.  Phaedra is here for the drama and Sheree getting into Kenya hardcore. Kenya is a hot mess with her shadiness.  She’s the troll ass chick that shows up and acts out everywhere.  She’s probably the broad that reports your ig photos and disliking videos on youtube.  She always has to find a reason to be petty and also the center of attention. giphy (4)They then zoom in on the Bailey-Thomas clan who are having a tete-a-tete of their own. Peter is telling his side of the story and LOUDLY.  IDK WHY he’s grabbing at Mel tho.  Cynthia does look good at her party tho.  That’s about all I can say on that. And the camera aint here for it either so we head on back to the crew (minus Kenya) discussing the messiness that just happened.  Sheree is regaling them about how “she’s not like that anymore” anigif_enhanced-13289-1402164620-61 Porsha did save the day.  She got that arm and made sure Sheree was SAVED from legal fees because PORSHA KNOWS that Kenya will SUE.  HOWSOMEEVER,  Sheree aint the one to mess with and she’s still got her full fledged ratchet side in tact. That best of Sheree/worst of Sheree highlight real…MEMORIES! You know Just in Case some of yall weren’t born the last time Sheree was on the show. tumblr_inline_n75fulZDpJ1s542ce Cyn and Peter still fussing.  Why your sister all up in it.  Is she a counselor?  #noiyanla

Kim fields makes her appearance with Kenya showing up to talk to her.  She comes throwing shade slightly at Kim.  Kenya is the definition of trying to be someone else and ANYONE else.  She’s the payless version of  everyone’s Louboutin. christian-louboutin-counterfeit-red-sole-red-bottom-trademark-glamazons-blog For some reason, Kenya things there is interest in her show and that Kim FIELDS would want to be a part of it. Life Twirls On will NEVER happen girl.  I don’t think you can even put that joint on youtube. tumblr_inline_msem0g2e8h1qz4rgp From the looks of things, Kim is going to be drama free or drama life.  She’s the REAL…real housewife. Kenya really believes in herself.  That is one thing.  YOU BETTER BOTTLE THAT CONFIDENCE AND SELL IT.  That’s about the only thing people will acquire from you.

So now we’re back to Cynthia… Peter done gone home to his girlfriend’s house in Charlotte.  Cynthia really has no friends if she’s having to really talk to her event planner/business partner about how trifling her husband is and how he aint no good. Girl…I feel for you in that respect.  That does suck.  Just leave him girl. mya1 Cynthia needs to move on like Mya featuring Silk the Shocker.

Porsha is at work trying to talk about her lingerie and hair businesses and SOMEHOW it turns into talking about relationships and her man.  GIRL… tumblr_lv1p2mWhsa1r5yh4yo1_400 This broad said she wants to have a sip and see for her boyfriend because he’s her baby.  Pray for Porsha.

Cynthia and Phaedra are at the tea shop.  Cynthia walks down that street with her legs on a hundred thousand trillion. Apparently Phaedra has Jesusly forgiven Cyn.

Sheree actually has BOTH of her daughters with her.  The one she had at like 7 and the one she had with her ex.  She’s meeting up with Kandi.  They’re discussing Kenya and whether or not she’s always KENYA.  100% she’s always herself which is a travashamockery. Phaedra is giving the tea that Mel told all her damn business.   Phaedra knows Cynthia didn’t know her sister was out spilling but Cynthia is not about discussing her disgust with her husband…YET. tumblr_mgt4nvgCAg1qiw4j6o1_500 Now both groups…ON QUEUE…are discussing Phaedra and Kandi’s broken relationship.  I dont understand how Kandi is sitting here discussing her issues with Phaedra with Sheree and her issue is Phaedra discussing issues with Nene.  Girl…yall all a hot orchestrated mess.  But I do believe yall are really hurt.  Yall need to get together sans cameras and hug it out.

Kim and her husband are crute.  He’s not really my type but he aint for me…he’s for her. They seem to be happy and doing well.  They are real and grounded it seems. Kim is struggling with her video recording skills though.  Girl you need some queue cards.Once she got it together she got it TOGETHER though. She’s like real woman corny funny.  I’m feeling her but you now normal doesn’t last too long on this show.  If she’s going to make it another season she needs to have something pop off.  I’d rather her just move on.

Kandi walks into her studio situation and the staff is making breakfast and orchestrating a come to Jesus moment for Kandi and her pregnancy. Todd is so messy and ridiculous.  He’s petty and it’s UNATTRACTIVE.    He has the nerve to say Phaedra shouldn’t be invited to the baby shower because she owes him $0.75.  Don Juan jokes around about approaching Phaedra but he’s the only one talking about handing it correctly not like some petty story line creating drama.  Todd aint shit. Also…so no one is going to ask Kandi how she plans to open a restaurant but couldn’t even put on a lil ol play and keep ish together?

Oh…so Porsha is really having this party to show off her man.  My question is what type of man is really down for this situation? Is this his coming out show/probate.  Is he gonna recite Porsha’s history or nah.  What’s his line name? Mama’s Baby? The Whisper Song?  InstaBae? p1CUZPa OMG…Porsha can’t tell how many months 13 weeks pregnant is…OMG.  She’s definitely super jealous about her sister being pregnant.  Porsha seemed to obviously be the last one to know.  MAMA knew before Porsha. This party…omg.  She has this shirt with his number and his (her) last name on the back.  I’m so over this. She’s planning a cheer for when he comes in.  This shit is a hot mess.  And it was a surprise.  LMAO…this is the corniest mess ever. (BTW…Bravo put ZERO music budget into this show.  They got the youtube free download music on the show. WHY AM I CRACKING UP ABOUT IT TOO?) SO…Duke is messing with transgender porn starts.  QUESTIONS ANSWERED… tumblr_nx7julujXA1spojxvo1_500 Who Porsha buying a house with?  I know she’s not thinking about it with Duke because  Duke is not here not here for this relationship or this party.  BEE TEE DUBS Is that his boyfriend with him? giphy (5) I’m so embarrassed for Porsha and her man.  cringe cringe cringe.  She gave him a real MVP award and acted like they gon’ be married.  Y’ALL…she presented him with AN ACTUAL TROPHY. I’m just gon’ log off now.

So Kandi is finally ready to have a chat with Phaedra.  I hope she starts this conversation off right instead of bringing up Tood right away. tumblr_inline_nuumfsgw781rvw3kz_500 Phaedra starts off by explaining how she felt betrayed by Kandi in a way and Kandi is in full on eye roll move.  I hope Kandi can really understand how Phaedra can be upset about your housing her husband’s ish.  I understand you in your feelings but I don’t see how you can’t see how that can be off putting to your so called friend. Kandi wants to just be heard.  She can never listen to anyone else.  This is the same way she acted when she was defending her mother.  She never heard Todd’s side she just wanted to fuss about it with him. gollum-not-listening Ok…so it looks like Phaedra is going to reign this back in to what it needs to be forreal.  Hopefully Kandi can let her wall down because we know she doesn’t handle emotions well. I’m glad they had this conversation.  I hope it stays this way. However, it WONT if Kandi can’t have her own mind.  Don Juan brought himself in there being messy and trifling.  KEEP FOLKS OUT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS…friendships INCLUDED!!!

What were your thoughts on the episode?  You think Kim gonna make it? <3 yall

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