For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.

Luke 12:48

Who's Whit

Favor's Girl

 Welcome to my world! I'm Whit!  From the way you clicked that link, I think you want to know about me. I won't keep you waiting.  I've been blogging for the last decade and bring my own sense of F.E.A.R.C.E.  Even though I my passion and purpose is empowerment I also keep it entertaining as a self-classified purveyor of ridiculosity.  I blog about empowerment, purpose, lifestyle, and all things amazing!

6 Things you should know about me:


I'm pretty quiet until you get to know me then I can talk all day.

I'm very opinionated and at times I misbehave and write ridiculosity.

I love my natural hair, my curves, and ME

I have a chronic illness but it doesn't have me!

I'm a fighter and a survivor

Overall, I'm a nice, sweet, southern girl with a great sense of humor and a sarcastic flair...

What Whit Does

Success Strategist

Through years of education and life experience, I have been able to develop an unmatched ability to achieve and fearlessly move through life.  Life can be taken away any moment and I came close to that moment more than once.  Despite what the doctors and everyone thought, I was able to push through and live life fearlessly though modified.  

I am here to offer my expertise in pushing past barriers, preparing yourself for success, building confidence, fearless empowerment, and unrelenting strength.

The only failures are the things we have never tried and will eventually regret.  There is no use in not pursuing what makes us smile and what gives us hope.  You weren't put on earth to ONLY do a "job".  You were sent here to SOAR fearlessly towards your purpose.  Let ME guide you to that flight! 

Feel free to contact me if you want to work together!