A Tale of Two Blogs

Hey yall! How you living on this Wednesday?


Winter showed up knocking at my door. YOU DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. Due to that, I’m pretty sure you are all a captive audience because no one wants to frolic in April cold.

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So, I wanted to make an announcement regarding content on the blog(s). WhitHappens6 will have all the lifestyle content including the ‪#‎WhitsSick ‬posts as well as a little Be Fearce. BeFearce.com will have the MAJORITY of the Be Fearce, Inspirational, and business posts. So…make sure you’re in the know for both.

Be FEARCE blog logo

The FB page will serve as a hub for BOTH BLOGS. So you’ll still pretty much get the same info. Both blog’s posts will be shared here: WHIT HAPPENS6 FACEBOOK PAGE


Also, if you’re like totally here for BeFearce, I have something extra for you…a FB group. Join the group to be a part of a (less public) community of like minded folks where you can talk about your journey to be FEARCE. Join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/befearce/

Be on the lookout for a natural hair post on here SOON because the curls are back and they are in formation.  It’s like they thought that 3 month press was punishment and they are now on their best behavior so I have to keep the styles coming for a while until they start acting out again!

Thanks for all the love yall!

Let me know if you have any content that you want to see on EITHER!

<3 Whit

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