So, a lot of stuff has happened since the last update.  I’m not even sure I can say any of it is anything on this list.  LOL.  THAT should clue you into how much I’ve looked at this list since the last time. I’m gonna do better though. IMG_6504 OK…fine…i’m going to ATTEMPT to do better.  I mean…this post is still making it up on a Monday after I was laid out sick all weekend.  #progress Changes: 7 – replaced coding with solo vacation – DONE, 16 is almost done!!!, 20 Done, 1/2 of 22 is done, and 28 is done!!  LOOK AT GOD!!  I DID SOMETHING!! 1. Get a Betta fish and keep it alive  (wtf was I gon do with a fish…i mean i lowkey still want one…but i need adult supervision) 1.1. Start a face routine (these meds are doing A NUMBER on my skin) – working on it 2. Pay off at least 2 credit cards – ONE CARD PAID OFF 3. Launch my Youtube Channel – EDITED A FEW VIDS AND RECORDED MORE – JUNE 2015!!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/whitneyreloaded 4. Start a Positivity/Happiness Jar – KEEPING THE NOTES. JAR ISN’T MADE LOL 5. Read 3 books for pleasure (yes only 3 (before June) ADD is real up in these streets)- The struggle is SO REAL 6. Start wearing a little bit of makeup…(lipsticks, mascara…she can do that) – Wore lipstick/mascara/eyeliner out a few times…this is an accomplishment LOL 7. Go on a solo vacation 8. Launch my website/relaunch blog (all in one) – THE BLOG IS POPPING STILL WORKING ON IT THOUGH 9. Do 2 juice fasts/detoxes – ONE FAST ORDERED WILL BE DOING IT SOON!!  10. Change my hairstyles up – GOING TO TRY ONE MORE THING BEFORE I MARK THIS OFF 11. Make a 2015 Vision Board – – DONE! 12. Complete a month long blogging challenge – IN PROGRESS 13. Do an ancestory test 14. Do a boozy painting class minus the booze- Planning to do one on the NOLA trip 15. Re-pierce my ears (for the umpteenth time) or get another tattoo 16. Begin de-cluttering my life (real life, spaces, e-life) – ALMOST DONE!! 17. See Misty Copeland in Swan Lake – This goes down on THURSDAY!!!!!! 18. Wake up and cook breakfast before work more often.IT’S SUCH A HABIT I’M GONNA SAY DONE! 19. Make a Caribbean dinner 20. Organize my closet 21. Donate at least 2 bags of clothes and shoes 22. Get at least 6 massages and 2 facials- 3.5 MASSAGE AND 2 FACIAL DOWN 23. Go on a date or several lol – HA  I’ve turned down a couple dates because…creeps…so I’m just gon be ever praying about this ministry’s output.  LOL 23.1. Blog 1-2 times a week until my birthday! Starting now…(4/6/15) 24. New Orleans again? – 25. Go to a concert – TICKET ACQUIRED – JAZMINE SULLIVAN!! 26. Support (buy products) and Promote my friends’ businesses DONE (BUT CONTINUOUS).  POST ON 2/28 ABOUT IT 27. Journal CHALLENGE FOR LENT- DONE…I Journaled daily during Lent and I’ll do it probably almost daily now 28. Pick up a Devotional 29. Put myself FIRST 30. Complete this list and complete the things on this list

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