3 Songs I Love – April 2015

No need to waste time or words…here you go!


1. How Bout Now

How Bout Now is currently my heart song.  You know what a heart song is.  I don’t really need to explain any more.

But…I will say…I get angry when I’m all into my song and the Jordin Sparks remix comes on.  I mean…I like Jordin as much as the next person maybe possibly does.  Howsomeever…this remix situation is a hot mess.  It sounds like…well…trash.  It sounds slung together.  Vocally…she does that.  I could do without it though.  I prefer my heartsong to be pure.

2. You Earned It

Bruh…The Weeknd…Bruh.  I love The Weeknd.  I had to stop listening to him for a while though because I was becoming way too emo.  I had to just be ok being Drake Emo.  That The Weeknd Emo…it’s not for the faint of heart.

But this song…this song right hear.  I will HALT every thing I’m doing when it comes on.  I’ll play it on repeat on youtube.  I’m just enamored.  This song is for me!

3. 7/11

Yup…I’m still alllla way on Bey’s 7/11.  I mean I have a distinct thing for Ratchonce.  She’s my favorite Bey flavor.  Like Bow Down/Flawless and 7/11 can get it on my listening devices at any time at EVERY volume.  do you hear me?  I’m just saying.  You know you stay jamming.  You’re an imaginary Magic City Independent Consultant or a patron when you listen to the song.  I won’t judge you.  Well…if you try to recreate the video and it’s a travashamockery…then I’ll judge you AND point and laugh.  You have fair warning.  That’s more than I give most.  How honored you should feel. Bey taught me to be benevolent in Bow Down/Flawless.  You’re welcome!

Honorable Mention:

Slow Motion

We know Trey aint been shit since he cut his braids off and stopped making mixtapes.  I mean…he’s made the exact same album like 31 times now or something right.  It’s just deplorable.  He needs to relearn struggle so he can flourish musically.

Anyway…but this song.  He has my attention!  Heeeeyyyy

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