3 Songs I Hate – April 2015

1. Post To Be

FIRST AND FOREMOST…The title of the song is an abomination.  POST TO BE…REALLY REALLY.  Supposed to be is just WWWAAAYYYY to hard.  I mean even if it didn’t fit smoothly into your awful song, you could at least not titled the song that.

And Jhene Aiko


Did you really…HOW DARE YOU! “gotta eat the booty like groceries”.  NO MA’AM SIR!!

I’m not even gonna link yall to the video or whatever because I respect and luh yall!

2. Trap Queen

Nope.  I aint here for trap queen.  I mean…it is probably the only real song about love out in hip hop right now.  Wait…does Matrimony count…i aint really listened to the lyrics that hard but they are discussing getting murried.

So really…there’s no reason for me to deal with Trap Queen.  I just am not your ride or die chick.  I prefer to ride and stay alive.  Also, I’d like to know where we’re going first.  I need to be able to make the decision of if I’m planning to truly ride.  I may drive myself…later.  Just saying!

3. POST TO BE (again)


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