3 Juices and a Lemonade

Yesterday I got home and knew I was only eating my pinto beans for dinner.  Yum!  I love pinto beans.  And yes I only ate beans and cornbread!  lol

Anyway…this meant I had the time to go ahead and juice and make my favorite green tea pomegranate lemonade.

I fresh juiced the lemons for my lemonade put I use the POM pomegranate juice.  So I got my water boiling for the green tea.

I juiced two green juices and one apple juice with cucumber.

I had the green juice for breakfast/brunch today.  I was still sipping on this juice at 1:00pm.  It’s starting to take me forever to finish these.  I had a quarter of a club sandwich and water for lunch.  I still have my apple cucumber juice I brought for lunch.  I may have that before I leave.

I have swimming tonight, so I’ll def need to have something before that.  I’ll probably have organic granola and soy milk! YUM!! NO forreal…it’s good!

Here are a few pics from the juicing.   I didn’t take any lemonade pics…next time I will!! It literally just dawned on me as I was typing!

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