Fall is a Gateway Drug

I see all of y’all out here being disrespectful.  A friend told me yesterday “I really enjoyed wearing tights and boots today ” I almost hung up on her because her friendship was not what God wanted for my life on that moment.  But Beyonce taught me benevolence so I gave her a chance to explain. She said well she’s ok with a certain range of temperatures. So i said cool BUT FALL IS A GATEWAY DRUG…to WINTER!  It’s so shady it has two names…a street name, Fall, and a legal name, Autumn


This is how they lure you in. They make you feel like it’s so cute to wear layers…boots, cardigans, and my bestie leggings.  Like yooo i look fly on several layers.  I’m a well dressed lasagna!


Then there’s the pumpkin.  Some of y’all have an unhealthy obsession with pumpkin.  But Pumpkin spice is here and it’s EVERYWHERE!  But in better Fall flavors…There’s apple cider and cider donuts and hayrides at the pumpkin patches.  It makes you feel all warm

Don’t be fooled by Fall 


Then they give us the holidays …Halloween…dress up be merry and buy copious amounts of candy and pretend it’s for children.  But i know you turn your lights off and eat it. Thanksgiving even gives you all the food you ever wanted in life. Carbs don’t count on thanksgiving and Aunt Linda knows her role and only asks to help.  She’s not allowed though.

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The best tv shows are back.  Scandal, HTGAWM, The Walking Dead, Empire, RHOA, *insert your fav here* !  They Byke!


All this shit has y’all SWINDLED and Hood winked! It has y’all having good feelings about the Fall.  But next thing you know you are going to get socked in the stomach by 2 degree weather and blistering windchill.  You are going to need the full armor of God just to run to your car.

The only good thing about winter is Snow days.  And you know what… those aren’t guaranteed.  Every winter I feel like i need a refund because I didn’t get the snow days I paid for.

So before you go out here wearing leggings and boots and sipping pumpkin spice lattes with visions of turkey and dressing dancing in your head…remember Fall is a Gateway drug

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    I enjoy the fall, but that WINTER…I hate it with a passion. I prefer to hibernate during those dreadful months.

    1. Reply

      Hahahaha omg. I feel like I can hibernate too. Thanks for commenting

  2. Reply

    I love Fall! Seville is hot, hot, hot in the summer. I look forward to a bit of chill. I don’t miss the harsh winters though. Moved from Boston to L.A to avoid it 🙂

  3. Reply

    I live in California so I’m most def not about that cold weather life. When it gets below 60 degrees here, I have a serious problem, so yeah, I wish it was 80-90 degrees here every day!

    1. Reply

      Right warm weather forever lol

  4. Reply

    I love fall and winter is not that bad here in Athens Greece, so I can say I am very lucky!


  5. Reply

    I love fall, but then that means were closer to winter. I wish we could skip winter and straight to spring lol.

    1. Reply

      My feelings exactly!! Winter is useless lol

  6. Reply

    I laughed the entire time I read this. hahahahaha I am here for the fall narcotic, fall is my favorite time of the year. I turn a year older and it kicks off the holiday season. YAY for a lot of days off.

    I hate anything pumpkin, it tastes like disappointment and bad decisions.

    1. Reply

      Hahahaha im with you on the pumpkin but im blaming you for the 38 degree weather i woke up too. I almost made amends with Fall until it betrayedED me this morning

  7. Reply

    I enjoy the fall for the most part. I hate hate hate how cold it is in the morning. I hate getting out of bed when it is cold in the morning. It is super disrespectful.

    1. Reply

      Exactly! Like let me wait to go out until the sun has at least attempted to do some work

  8. Reply

    I’m so thankful that I live in an area that has all of the seasons. Your leaf pictures are beautiful. The only think I struggle with is finding the right shoes to wear in the fall. I definitely have better summer shoe game.

    1. Reply

      Lol shoes are cuter in summer. It’s all boots from here

  9. Reply

    You a fool. Grammatical errors made on purpose. Fall got me high though. Then I’m going to be hating that winter.

    1. Reply

      Exactly!! Don’t let fall fool you lol

  10. Reply

    This is too funny! I live in Florida so we don’t really have a winter so Fall is about all we have but it doesn’t usually come until Thanksgiving. Fall is such a tease because the cool weather leaves just as quickly as it comes.

  11. Reply

    What a cute post. I am laughing at the Plies gif and reading byke in his voice. Yes I hate transitional weather I am not excited for Fall weather its all a trick. Make Summer Great Again indeed!

    1. Reply

      Lol im glad you agree with me. And sometimes you just need a lil Plies to get the point across lol

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    Loved this post. I agree. Fall is a gateway drug. The temperature this morning hit me dead in the head. It was 42 degrees! Lawd Geezus. I like fall, autumn, but it does serve as a reminder that winter is on its way.

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