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Goals and Such

So, for the last couple of years, I’ve done a list of yearly goals.  Some of them have been just for the year and some have been continuous goals.  I usually don’t share those publicly.  I usually share with an accountability partner.  I had some pretty good 2014 goals.  Some of them, I didn’t really think through (like a bed time…girl bye) and others got halted by my illness and my mother’s stroke.  I can’t really help the latter two.  A lot of them got thwarted because dealing with those issues became a priority and other things fell to the wayside.

As I hope I have a better grasp on my health this year and my mom is improving, I’m going to re-tackle some of the goals from 2014 (the continuous ones), and pick up from where I left off on a couple (like weight loss…that one was obvious), and add a few more.   I’ll likely be blogging and vlogging about some of these things.  IDK if i’ll identify them as a goal then, but yea, they’ll happen.  I can only try and keep moving towards the goals right.  Life happens…this is why I’m not for grandiose resolutions.  I’m just here to make plans to be a better me.

30 before 30?

Well, I’ll be turning 30 this June.  WOOO.  I’ve seen people do these 30 before 30 lists and I have no clue what kind of things people put on these lists.  Well I’m sure I could easily look some up on google or pinterest or something but I still have no clue what I want to do.  I’ll be thinking on this one.  I feel like anything on my list will be hella petty and small.  Can eat ice cream be on the list?  Can never forget eggplant friday be on the list?   Ok while I compile my list, I think I can come up with a few I can share.  3…6 to share shouldn’t be hard.

1. Get a Betta fish and keep it alive

2. Pay off at least 2 credit cards

3. Launch my Youtube Channel

4. Start a Positivity/Happiness Jar

5. Read 2-3 books for pleasure (yes only 2-3 (before June) ADD is real up in these streets)

6. Start wearing a little bit of makeup…(lipsticks, mascara…she can do that)

I do think I’ll publish the full list when it’s done.  There may be a couple that are not public but it’ll be as full a list as possible.

What are your new years goals, continued goals, plans for 2015?  Did you do a 30 before 30 or are you planning to do one?

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