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Finishing this has taken me forever because of LIFE…but here it is the finale!  Check out the other parts right up yonder above this here sentence.  K…cool!

14. Trust you Gut.  That inkling.  Those butterflies.  Take heed.  You feel them for a reason.  Jump out there or run away.  Listen to what’s being shown to you.


15. Define your OWN happiness.  Do what makes you happy and not what seems to be on trend or what makes someone else happy.  Genuine happiness always wins and beats out the fake and imitations.


16. People grow apart. People aren’t meant to all be your best friends.  Trust the process of life and don’t try to force the round pegs into square holes.  They’ll get in where they fit in.

My father sang it best!
My father sang it best!

17. Love is AMAZING.  Love is an experience in learning.  You’re not only learning about yourself but someone else.  You’re gaining a witness to your life.  Whether that person be a permanent witness or a temporary one, the experience can’t be underestimated.


18. Work hard at the things you love.  Exhaust yourself (not always literally because…yea…it aint good) and your energy on things that mean the world to you.  Spend your time on things that make you smile that enrich your life.  You may not do these things to make coins but let them be the reason you smile where you make coins.

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19. You are your #1 Competitor.  You are not competing with anyone else but yourself.  You can’t be anyone but you so you just need to be the best you that you can be and strive to be better than you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last decade!


20. You title, degrees, positions, paygrade DO NOT DEFINE YOU.  You can be degree-less working in a bakery or yogurt shop and be the happiest you possible.  Don’t get me wrong, money is a wonderful thing to have but don’t sell your soul for accolades of the world and be unhappy.  You get to do this thing called life ONCE.  So love what you do.  Stay blessed in it.

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Enjoy yourself.  Get to know you.  Take off the mask.  Talk to yourself, record yourself, take pictures of you.  You need to LOVE YOU FOR YOU.  Never let the “perfection” of the world through the lens of social media get you down about you.  The struggle is real for us all.


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