7. Go on Vacation.  Even if you go alone, just GO!  Don’t be scared, don’t worry about cost…JUST GO!! Choose something you can drive to, choose something that’s all inclusive, choose something that you want to do, choose something that you won’t forget but it will momentarily make you forget everything in your day to day life.


8. 9-5 jobs aren’t for everyone.  The revolution will not be between 9-5.  Work for yourself.  Do something you love.  Love what you do.  work on it CONSTANTLY.  You may have to report 9-5 while you build your love but maybe your love will be come your 9am-9am or maybe it will supplement it or maybe it’ll be an escape but build it.  If you build it…they will come!


9. Friends are (also) your Family.  If your family aint familial…create you one. If your friends aint friendly…on to the next point…


10. It aint NOTHING to cut that *insert whatever you wanna insert* OFF.  People are truly in your life for a reason.  They may be seasonal or they may be lifelong.  Don’t get them confused.  Just because that Caramel Brullee Latte at starbucks comes back every year during its season doesn’t mean that its a permanent fixture in your life.  Don’t waste your focus on them but be sure you understand their purpose.


11. Single life is cool.  Like forreal. I love myself and I’m the best person to hang out with.  I can survive with someone else and without them.  I can make it out in this world with just me.


12. Single life is lonely as hell too.  Yea I just said all that stuff about but bruh…companionship is rooted in the DNA.  It’s next to the part that determines whether you are right handed or lefthanded.  LOOK IT UP. Nah don’t look it up.  Just believe me.


13. Keep a Journal.  Even if you don’t write in that joint daily, write in it.  Keep it with you or keep it by your bedside.  Keep it where you know you’ll use it.  Looking back on it later will be priceless.  Let me tell you that looking back on it even within the same year can remind you not to tarry down roads that you turned away from or give you hope when you see your swift progression.  Get into it.


Part 3: The Finale …coming soon.

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