20 Things I Learned in My 20s: Part 1

So, on June 24, 2015 I left my twenties behind.  I don’t think that I really have let this sink in.  I guess I just don’t think about my age too much.  Meh.  I’m happy to be in my 30s now  (yep…still feels weird).  Cheers to a new decade of whitneyness.  Along the way, I may have learned a lesson or two…or twenty plus.  I’ll share a few.  I may still be working on some of these but hey…I’m a work in progress.

Get into it though!

1. Forget anything and ANYONE who doesn’t bring you joy, bring you clarity, bring you a diversity in thought…bring you something.  This is not to say look to gain…but don’t entertain the leeches for long.  You tire before they do.

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2. Life is not EVERLASTING.  At least not on this earth.  I know we aren’t really big fans of the YOLO movement…however…YOLO with caution.  Don’t put off until “tomorrow” what you can do “today” because you may not be here or able “tomorrow”.

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3.  No one defines you but YOU. What makes you happy may not make anyone else happy but that’s not your concern.  Be you, unapologetically and be great by your own definition.  Don’t worry about everyone else.


4. Brag on Yourself! Forget humility sometimes, forget not sounding like you’re feeling yourself!!  FEEL YOURSELF SOMETIMES!! You are cute, funny, smart, cool…alla dat!!  Get into it or Get back!!


5. Be financially aware and responsible.  

Start by budgeting.  Write out all your income and bills.  Write out EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND!  Then, cut back!  Also…try to avoid that student loan demon if you can.  I could live a comfy life if it weren’t for those payments.  Also, (I didn’t have this luxury) but if you can bank money and stay home, w/ family, or with a roommie for a while…do it.  I’m not near family and beyond roommates now…but still…it’s a money saver.


6. You have to put yourself FIRST – BE SELFISH SOMETIMES!!

JUST DO IT!  Eff everybody else…it’s all about you.  Now…don’t be an ass though.  LOL


Part 2 Coming Soon!

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