10,000 Calorie Challenge

There is this challenge going around and it’s been going around for it seems like FOREVER but I’m just now getting hip to it.  It’s called the 10,000 calorie challenge.  In this challenge, you try to eat 10,000 calories in the day.  Yup 10,000 whole calories in one day.  I’ve watched a couple of the youtube videos chronicling this and it’s interesting to see what some people think will get them to 10k.

The first 10,000 calorie challenge that I saw was of the family vloggers, The Lavigne Life.  My sister and I instantly said “oh they went about this ALL WRONG” Here’s their video:

Instantly, we knew that we could do better or at least the food would be WWWAAAYYYYYY more enjoyable.  However, we were NOT crazy enough to actually attempt to eat 10,000 calories in one day.  We started to discuss what foods we would eat if we were to do the 10,000 calorie challenge.

So, I took my sister’s list, a list from my friend Iman, and a list from my friend Wes (because we had to have a man represent) and see whose meals would get them to 10,000 calories or the closest by putting their choices into myfitnesspal.  I did try to choose the higher calorie amounts and I counted any similar items between lists with the same calorie count.

Here are the results of my 10,000 calorie challenge:


3rd place: Wes 

Wes comes in third place because men are far too confident.  Lol.  jk.  However, he decided to take it easy for dinner because he thought he had already make it to 10,000 calories by then with his meals thus far.

west 10,000 calorie challenge whit happens6


2nd Place: Brittany 

The sibling did a good job with her list though she fell short of 10,000 calories.  I should have probably increased her cookie intake to above average because she’s the literal cookie monster but it still wouldn’t have make up the 1000s of calories she was short.  Good Job little one.

brittany 10,000 calorie challenge whit happens6



Iman didn’t quite make it to 10,000 calories but she was much closer than anyone else.  I would say her strategy of eating the same foods in mass quantities all day was a help.  Also, she’s from Chicago and specified that she wanted a deep dish Chicago pizza so that BOOSTED her.  You know those pizzas are 100% calories.

iman 10,000 calorie challenge whit happens6


So, would this be a challenge that you were interested in doing.  If you want to see a challenge that was completed successfully, check out the video below.

Make a 10,000 calorie challenge list for yourself and let me know what your total was in the comments!



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